Frequenty asked questions

What is Pteri Explorer?

Pteri Explorer is a powerful blockchain explorer tool developed by Kakr Labs, designed to search, validate, and relay transaction data across various Proof of Work blockchains.

How do I use Pteri Explorer?

Simply enter the transaction ID, wallet address, or block number in the search bar and click 'Search'. The platform will fetch the relevant data in real-time from the blockchain.

Is my data safe with Pteri Explorer?

Absolutely. Pteri Explorer acts as a window to view data on the blockchain. We don’t store personal data or transaction information. All data is directly fetched from the blockchain in real-time.

How does Pteri differ from other blockchain explorers?

Pteri is a product of Kakr Labs and is dedicated to supporting various Proof of Work blockchains. It offers a user-friendly interface, DApp delivery viewer for POA badges, and advanced features like 'Explorer as a Service' for developers.

For Developers

What is 'Explorer as a Service'?

Explorer as a Service' is a feature offered by Pteri Explorer which allows developers to integrate Pteri's blockchain exploration capabilities into their applications via API.

How can I access Pteri’s API?

To access the API, developers need to sign up for an API plan. After registration, you'll receive an API key which can be used to fetch data from supported blockchains.

Are there any rate limits for the API?

Rate limits vary depending on your subscription plan. The free tier has a limit of 3 requests per second, while paid plans offer higher limits. Detailed information on rate limits for each plan is available on our

What services does your Litecoin API provide?

Our Litecoin API offers a range of services including transaction broadcasting, address generation, balance checking, and retrieval of transaction details. It also supports multi-signature transactions, real-time notifications, and various other blockchain-related operations.

Is there a free tier available for the API?

Yes, we offer a free tier (basic plan) with limited access to the API services. This is ideal for testing and small-scale applications. For more extensive use, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans.

I’m developing a DApp. How can Pteri help me?

Pteri offers a DApp delivery viewer, which means your DApp can be directly viewed and accessed via the Pteri platform. This enhances the visibility and accessibility of your decentralized application.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, we offer technical support to our users. Our users have access to community support, Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues.

How can I get support or report a bug?

For support or to report any issues, visit our 'Report a Bug' page. We prioritize feedback from our developer community to continually improve our platform.

If your question wasn't addressed here, please reach out to our support team at contact@kakrlabs.com

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