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Pteri Explorer Disclaimer


Welcome to the Pteri Explorer's official disclaimer. We're thrilled to be a part of your blockchain journey, and while our goal is to provide clarity and transparency, there are some things you should know.

1. Transaction Delays

Pteri Explorer offers a window into the blockchain, but it doesn't control transactions. If you're experiencing delays, remember that we cannot expedite, cancel, or modify them. For issues with lingering transactions, please click here.

2. Independence is Key

Our explorer operates independently and isn't affiliated with most other providers. Thus, for specifics about services not directly linked to our explorer, please consult the relevant service provider.

3. Resources at Your Fingertips

Many common questions might already have answers in our Knowledge Base. Before reaching out, consider having a quick browse; you might find instant clarity!

4. For the Community, By the Community

Your security is paramount. We will never request your private keys or passwords. Protect your details and never send them to us. We value every inquiry, but due to high demand, there can be delays. We appreciate your patience, but multiple messages about the same issue won't expedite a response.

5. Wallets, Exchanges, and More

Issues with wallets, exchanges, or specific projects? They'll be best addressed by the respective service providers. They're equipped to provide specialized support for their platforms.

6. The Power of Proof of Work

Our commitment to transparency and accuracy lies in our reliance on Proof of Work blockchains. It ensures not just transparency but an unparalleled level of security and decentralization.

Final Thought

We're here to guide and assist, but the world of blockchain is vast. Ensure you're always informed, cautious, and proactive in your approach. Together, we can navigate the intricacies of the blockchain universe.

Thank you for trusting Pteri Explorer. Let's continue to revolutionize the digital frontier together!

Pteri is a part of Kakr Platform Inc. Copyright 2022-